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You bet big, then you take the house

An Ocean's 11/12 Ficathon

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When that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, then you take the house.

An Ocean's Eleven ficathon.

If I'm reading this right, and I'd like to think I am

This is a fic exchange, which means that everyone who signs up gets to write a fic, and have a fic written for them, based on one of (up to) four requested scenarios you'll list when you sign up.

All fic will, obviously, be based on the films and feature the characters from Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve. Slash, het and gen fic are all welcome, and you may request a crossover, though there's no guarantee you'll get it.

We all have personal pairing preferences (including no pairing, for some folks) so to make things a little easier on everyone, one of your requests MUST be gen - no pairing involved. It can be caper fic or character study or buddy fic or whatever, but just so there's no "I got someone who requested four different Saul/Rusty prisonsex scenarios and I can't write that!" situations (not that I think that would happen), one request must be gen. Please keep your requests relatively open and flexible (i.e., don't write the story for the author), and know that everything you requested may not make it into the story.

In writing your story, you do not need to include all of the requested things – you only need to use one of them. If you'd like to do more, that's fine, but it's not required.

You'll be matched randomly, with the "four things I don't want/won't write" part taken into account (i.e., if you won't write Saul/Rusty prisonsex, you'll get something that has other options *g*). While stories won't be posted anonymously - you'll all post your stories here in takethehouse - please keep your recipient in the dark while you write. It's more fun that way.

Mark your calendars
Sign-ups open today, July 27, 2006 and will close Monday, July 31, 2006.

You’ll receive your assignment no later than Wednesday, August 2, 2006.

Stories will be due on Wednesday, September 6, 2006. Please post your story in the community with the following headers:


Please do not post your story anywhere else for a week, i.e., until September 13 (though feel free to link to it).

If you are going to drop out, please let us know as far in advance as possible, so that we can find a pinch hitter, so everybody gets a story.

If you have any questions, please direct them to musesfool @ livejournal.com or mousapelli @ livejournal.com.

Are you in or out?

Signups will close Monday, July 31.

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