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We'll Roll Down Interstate 94 (Gen, Implied Danny/Rusty, PG)

Here it is, 24 hours late, with my sincere apologies for tardiness.

Title: We'll Roll Down Interstate 94
Author: chicklet_girl
Summary: Look, planning a road trip for 13 people is just complicated, all right?
Rating: PG
Words: 2225
Spoilers: For O11 and O12
Warnings: There's a mention of creamed spinach.
Recipient: laurificus
Notes: Luz, I'm so sorry, but this turned out to use only part of one of your prompts: "Gen, 11 people on a roadtrip ends in either fun or the emergency room. Rusty suspects this trip probably means the latter. It doesn't help that Danny won't tell them why they're going." For whatever reason, my brain insisted on Linus's POV, and on the planning of the trip instead of the trip itself. But I incorporated another of your prompts as a bonus, and there's hero-worship of Rusty, so I hope it's okay. Title is from "Dream Vacation" as performed by Gear Daddies, music and lyrics by Martin Zellar. This icon is by mousapelli, who posted icons for every O11 character for last year's takethehouse challenge. I think musesfool betaed almost every story in the challenge this year, including this one. Thanks for kicking my ass so quickly, babe.

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Fic: Heffolumps (Danny/Tess/Rusty)

Title: Heffolumps
Author: SullenSiren (sullensiren(at)gmail(dot)com)
Summary: "Three was a good number."
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Post Oceans' 12
Warnings: None specific
Recipient: transtempts
Prompt: Danny/Tess/Rusty - A solution
Notes: Written for the takethehouse fic challenge. I fully intended for this to go NC-17. But for some reason, it didn't want to. So . . . my apologies for lack of smut.

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Danny/Rusty Oceans 11

fic: Courage and Convictions (Rusty/Linus)

Title: Courage and Convictions
Author: flyakate (KatStarling9@yahoo.com)
Summary: Linus needs to steal some things, but others only take the courage to want them.
Rating: R
Recipient: trakkie
Notes: Written for the takethehouse challenge and more specifically trakkie, who wanted Rusty/Linus: Linus is almost a master thief. Hope this amuses and satisfies. No characters within belong to me (though neither does the airport policy about no liquids, of course). Enjoy!


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Fic: Get Right (gen)

Title: Get Right
Author: amatia
Summary: Rusty's sixteen when he meets Danny, in the courthouse waiting to see a judge.
Rating: PG-13 for language
Recipient: flyakate
Notes: I used elements from three of the requests in this story. It's kinda long. I didn't expect to end up writing fourteen pages of backstory! *g* flyakate, I hope you like it! (Many thanks to rossetti and schuyler for reading and more reading and beta work.)

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Rules of the Trade (PG) by Tommygirl

Title: Rules of the Trade
Author: Tommygirl/storydivagirl
Summary: Rusty teaches Linus certain rules of the game. Gen.
Rating: PG
Spoilers (if applicable): Through both movies
Warnings (if applicable): none
Recipient: mousapelli
A/N: This story ended up being based on two of the requests so hopefully that fits the bill. Also hope it's enjoyable. Much love to iamtheenemy for the beta and encouragement.

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Take the House II: Master List of Stories

Demmed elusive

As Boring as an Ocean - Danny/Rusty

Title: As Boring as an Ocean
Author: restless_jedi
Summary: Danny's always got a crazy idea, but Rusty can work with it. That's just always how it's been.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers (if applicable): n/a
Warnings (if applicable): n/a
Recipient: sathinks
Notes: thanks to duendeoflorien for the beta and encouragement. In my head, this is set between O11 and O12. request was: "Danny/Rusty and a road trip through America; different kinds of

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