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You bet big, then you take the house [entries|friends|calendar]
You bet big, then you take the house

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[24 May 2007|03:01pm]

*pokes community back into life*

Hey look everyone!

Ocean's 13 trailers!

...It fueled my desire for Terry/Danny. Come on, people! FIC! XD
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We'll Roll Down Interstate 94 (Gen, Implied Danny/Rusty, PG) [07 Sep 2006|10:47pm]

[ mood | finished! ]

Here it is, 24 hours late, with my sincere apologies for tardiness.

Title: We'll Roll Down Interstate 94
Author: chicklet_girl
Summary: Look, planning a road trip for 13 people is just complicated, all right?
Rating: PG
Words: 2225
Spoilers: For O11 and O12
Warnings: There's a mention of creamed spinach.
Recipient: laurificus
Notes: Luz, I'm so sorry, but this turned out to use only part of one of your prompts: "Gen, 11 people on a roadtrip ends in either fun or the emergency room. Rusty suspects this trip probably means the latter. It doesn't help that Danny won't tell them why they're going." For whatever reason, my brain insisted on Linus's POV, and on the planning of the trip instead of the trip itself. But I incorporated another of your prompts as a bonus, and there's hero-worship of Rusty, so I hope it's okay. Title is from "Dream Vacation" as performed by Gear Daddies, music and lyrics by Martin Zellar. This icon is by mousapelli, who posted icons for every O11 character for last year's takethehouse challenge. I think musesfool betaed almost every story in the challenge this year, including this one. Thanks for kicking my ass so quickly, babe.

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Three Plans Danny Didn't Make, and One Rusty Thought Would Work [O11, PG13] [07 Sep 2006|11:47pm]

Title: Three Plans Danny Didn't Make, and One Rusty Thought Would Work
By: SA
Notes: For _shades_ in the takethehouse ficathon. She asked for some pretty detailed scenarios. It turned out to be easier to just do them all. Rusty/Danny, Rusty/Basher, Rusty/Linus.

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Fic: Heffolumps (Danny/Tess/Rusty) [06 Sep 2006|11:09pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Heffolumps
Author: SullenSiren (sullensiren(at)gmail(dot)com)
Summary: "Three was a good number."
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Post Oceans' 12
Warnings: None specific
Recipient: transtempts
Prompt: Danny/Tess/Rusty - A solution
Notes: Written for the takethehouse fic challenge. I fully intended for this to go NC-17. But for some reason, it didn't want to. So . . . my apologies for lack of smut.

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fic: Courage and Convictions (Rusty/Linus) [06 Sep 2006|10:09pm]

Title: Courage and Convictions
Author: flyakate (KatStarling9@yahoo.com)
Summary: Linus needs to steal some things, but others only take the courage to want them.
Rating: R
Recipient: trakkie
Notes: Written for the takethehouse challenge and more specifically trakkie, who wanted Rusty/Linus: Linus is almost a master thief. Hope this amuses and satisfies. No characters within belong to me (though neither does the airport policy about no liquids, of course). Enjoy!


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Fic: Liar, Liar (Rusty/Danny) [06 Sep 2006|08:45pm]

Title: Liar Liar [Rusty/Danny]
Author: mousapelli
Summary: Given enough time and cream soda, eventually Linus will learn that he really shouldn't ask where Rusty and Danny are concerned.
Rating: PG-13
Recipient: lorax
Notes: Thanks to musesfool for kicking my ass into as much gear as possible, and for not minding that I'm the worst co-mod ever.

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Fic: Get Right (gen) [06 Sep 2006|07:13pm]
Title: Get Right
Author: amatia
Summary: Rusty's sixteen when he meets Danny, in the courthouse waiting to see a judge.
Rating: PG-13 for language
Recipient: flyakate
Notes: I used elements from three of the requests in this story. It's kinda long. I didn't expect to end up writing fourteen pages of backstory! *g* flyakate, I hope you like it! (Many thanks to rossetti and schuyler for reading and more reading and beta work.)

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Rules of the Trade (PG) by Tommygirl [06 Sep 2006|12:38pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Title: Rules of the Trade
Author: Tommygirl/storydivagirl
Summary: Rusty teaches Linus certain rules of the game. Gen.
Rating: PG
Spoilers (if applicable): Through both movies
Warnings (if applicable): none
Recipient: mousapelli
A/N: This story ended up being based on two of the requests so hopefully that fits the bill. Also hope it's enjoyable. Much love to iamtheenemy for the beta and encouragement.

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Take the House II: Master List of Stories [06 Sep 2006|11:17am]

Here's the master list of stories for takethehouse II. I'll update as warranted.

amatia wrote Get Right for flyakate

chicklet_girl We'll Roll Down Interstate 94 wrote for laurificus

flyakate wrote Courage and Convictions for trakkie

laurificus wrote Swing on a Star for musesfool

laurificus wrote Selling Goodbye for storydivagirl

mousapelli wrote Liar Liar for lorax

sathinks wrote Three Plans Danny Didn't Make, and One Rusty Thought Would Work for _shades_

transtempts wrote Reworking Policy for amatia

restless_jedi wrote As Boring as an Ocean for sathinks

lorax wrote Heffolumps for transtempts

storydivagirl wrote Rules of the Trade for mousapelli

trakkie wrote for restless_jedi

musesfool wrote Your Daddy's Rich and Your Ma Is Good-looking for chicklet_girl


Again, if you're going to be late or you're bailing, let me know ASAP. Thanks.
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As Boring as an Ocean - Danny/Rusty [06 Sep 2006|05:06am]

Title: As Boring as an Ocean
Author: restless_jedi
Summary: Danny's always got a crazy idea, but Rusty can work with it. That's just always how it's been.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers (if applicable): n/a
Warnings (if applicable): n/a
Recipient: sathinks
Notes: thanks to duendeoflorien for the beta and encouragement. In my head, this is set between O11 and O12. request was: "Danny/Rusty and a road trip through America; different kinds of

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Fic: Selling Goodbye (Danny/Rusty) [06 Sep 2006|08:52am]

[ mood | pleased ]

Title: Selling Goodbye
Author: laurificus (luzdeestrellas@livejournal.com)
Summary: Now they’re going to Jersey, one last time, Danny says. One last shot, one final gamble, and then he’ll put this life away.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Ocean's 11
Recipient: storydivagirl

Notes: Thanks to musesfool for the beta. All remaining mistakes are mine.

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Fic: Swing on a Star (Danny/Rusty) [06 Sep 2006|08:35am]

[ mood | productive ]

Title: Swing on a Star
Author: laurificus (luzdeestrellas@livejournal.com)
Summary: Rusty had always been smarter than Danny where it counted.
Rating: adult
Spoilers: Ocean's 11 and 12
Recipient: musesfool

Notes: Thanks to musesfool and mousapelli for running the challenge, and to musesfool especially for the beta. You rock big time.

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fic: Your Daddy's Rich and Your Ma Is Good-looking (Rusty/Danny) [06 Sep 2006|12:12am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Your Daddy's Rich and Your Ma Is Good-looking
Author: victoria p. [victoria @ unfitforsociety.net]
Summary: There's a reason they're called confidence men, and doubt has no place in their world.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Recipient: chicklet_girl
Notes: Thanks to mousapelli and laurificus for handholding and betaing. Title from Gershwin's "Summertime."
Word count: 1,425 words
Date: September 6, 2006

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Feedback is worshipped.


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[Admin] Posting reminder and story template [05 Sep 2006|11:40pm]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Just a reminder that stories are due tomorrow, and if you're up and feel like posting, you can post tonight after midnight EDT (in about twenty minutes my time *g*).

If you are going to be late, or you are not going to have a story at all, you need to let me know ASAP.

Just a reminder, when you post your stories, please put the title and pairing (if applicable) in the subject line, use these headers, and put the story itself behind a cut tag.

Spoilers (if applicable):
Warnings (if applicable):

So it should look like this:

Fic: Down in New Orleans (Rusty/Danny) <-subject line of the post

in the body of the post

Title: Down in New Orleans
Author: Your Name Here
Summary: Danny and Rusty have breakfast at the Cafe du Monde
Rating: PG
Spoilers (if applicable): for Ocean's 12
Warnings (if applicable): this is at the poster's discretion.
Recipient: Recipient's Name Here
Notes: Anything else you feel the need to add.

<*lj-cut text="Down in New Orleans"*>Your Title Here

Your Story Here



Please don't post anywhere else for a week, though you can certainly post links pointing people here to read your story.



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Take the House II: Assignments have been mailed [02 Aug 2006|11:55am]

Just a heads up to let you know that the assignments for Take the House II have been mailed.

If you haven't received yours at the email address you signed up with, please let me know ASAP. It would have "Your Take the House II Assignment" in the subject line and be from victoria @ unfitforsociety.net. I know some people's mail filters file my mail as spam, so check your spam folder as well.

The email goes something like this:

Collapse )

If you have any questions, please direct them to musesfool @ livejournal.com or mousapelli @ livejournal.com.

Have fun!

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Take the House II: O11 fication signups open [27 Jul 2006|10:13am]

When that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, then you take the house.

Take the House II: An Ocean's Eleven ficathon.

If I'm reading this right, and I'd like to think I am

This is a fic exchange, which means that everyone who signs up gets to write a fic, and have a fic written for them, based on one of (up to) four requested scenarios you'll list when you sign up.

All fic will, obviously, be based on the films and feature the characters from Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's Twelve. Slash, het and gen fic are all welcome, and you may request a crossover, though there's no guarantee you'll get it.

We all have personal pairing preferences (including no pairing, for some folks) so to make things a little easier on everyone, one of your requests MUST be gen - no pairing involved. It can be caper fic or character study or buddy fic or whatever, but just so there's no "I got someone who requested four different Saul/Rusty prisonsex scenarios and I can't write that!" situations (not that I think that would happen), one request must be gen. Please keep your requests relatively open and flexible (i.e., don't write the story for the author), and know that everything you requested may not make it into the story.

In writing your story, you do not need to include all of the requested things – you only need to use one of them. If you'd like to do more, that's fine, but it's not required.

You'll be matched randomly, with the "four things I don't want/won't write" part taken into account (i.e., if you won't write Saul/Rusty prisonsex, you'll get something that has other options *g*). While stories won't be posted anonymously - you'll all post your stories here in takethehouse - please keep your recipient in the dark while you write. It's more fun that way.

Mark your calendars
Sign-ups open today, July 27, 2006 and will close Monday, July 31, 2006.

You’ll receive your assignment no later than Wednesday, August 2, 2006.

Stories will be due on Wednesday, September 6, 2006.

Please do not post your story anywhere else for a week, i.e., until September 13 (though feel free to link to it).

How to play:
1. Comment to this post with
your name/pseud:
your email addy:
your lj: (if you have one)
up to four possible scenarios for your story (things like pairing, setting, supporting characters, phrases) note: At least one of your scenarios must be gen (i.e., including no pairing/having no pairing focus):
up to four things you don't want/won't write:
if can you write a back-up fic if needed:

Sample sign up:

1. your name/pseud: victoria p.
your email addy: victoria @ unfitforsociety.net
your lj: musesfool
up to four possible scenarios for your story (things like pairing, setting, supporting characters, phrases) note: At least one of your scenarios must be gen (i.e., including no pairing/having no pairing focus):

1. Danny/Rusty, Incan matrimonial head masks. How/why did Danny go to jail?
2. Danny/Rusty, post-O12, Isabel has left Rusty for the Night Fox. Please use the phrase, "She just wasn't that into you."
3. How did Tess end up with Terry Benedict?
4. The thing with the guy in Belize - caper fic. (i.e., the gen request)

up to four things you don't want/won't write:
Danny/Tess, Rusty/Isabel, Rusty/Basher, Saul or Reuben smut, twincest.

can you write a back-up fic if needed: Yes

2. You'll receive your assignment sometime on Wednesday, August 2. It's a secret, so please don't tell or let your recipient or their friends know who you received.

3. Join takethehouse so you can post your fic. It's also probably a good idea to friend the community while the ficathon is going on, so you'll know if there are any announcements.

4. Write a story of 1000 words or more by Wednesday, September 6.

5. On Wednesday, September 6, post your story to takethehouse. Please use the following headers:


6. All comments to this post will be screened. But we'll answer questions and the like here, and update the number of people signed up.

If you are going to drop out, please let us know as far in advance as possible, so that we can find a pinch hitter, so everybody gets a story.

If you have any questions, please direct them to musesfool @ livejournal.com or mousapelli @ livejournal.com.

Are you in or out?

13 people are in.

Signups will close Monday, July 31.

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List of story ideas [08 Jun 2005|04:10pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay, here's the list of story requests - both written and unwritten. The ones that were written in the challenge have ** after them (some people combined more than one scenario). You don't have to have participated in the ficathon, or even be a member of the community, to snag one of these.

Take it as a given that everyone wants to know about either the thing with the guy in Belize or the Incan matrimonial headmasks, though I did leave one or two of those requests on. I also edited out anything that was just "Rusty/Danny" or "Rusty/Linus" or "X-character-centric" because well, that's not really much to go on, is it?

Collapse )

If you happen to write one of these ideas, please post a pointer to the finished story here in the community so the rest of us can read it, especially the person whose idea it turns out to be. *g*

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Master List of Stories - updated [08 Jun 2005|01:13pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Woo! The last of the stories has been posted!

I want to thank everyone who participated - so many great stories in one spot makes me dizzy with happiness. And I especially want to thank those people who had to wait a few extra days for their stories, and the pinch hitters who stepped up and provided.

All y'all deserve a big round of applause.

Collapse )

Now that all 36 stories are in, feel free to post/archive yours wherever you like, and thanks for waiting a bit so we could drive people to the community and get some momentum going here.

I'll have the list of prompts up soonish, if people are looking for more inspiration. *g*

Thanks again. We'll have to do it again sometime. *G*

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Fic: That's The Magic Number (Danny/Rusty/Linus) [08 Jun 2005|04:16pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Title: That's The Magic Number
Author laurificus
Summary: Meeting in a hotel room just has so many advantages.
Rating: Adult

Notes: For KamaKazee kami_brennan, who requested that Danny and Rusty pick up Linus for another con. I hope this suffices.

Thanks to musesfool for saving us all from my mistakes, and for doing it so quickly.

Collapse )

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Fic: Enjoy the Show (Linus, Danny/Rusty) [07 Jun 2005|03:44pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Title: Enjoy the Show
Author: victoria p. [victoria @ unfitforsociety.net]
Summary: Linus doesn't have to imagine now. Now he can watch.
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: Sadly, not mine.
Archive: Achromatic, Criminal Record
Feedback: Always welcome and more appreciated than you know.
Notes: Written for chicklet_girl in the takethehouse ficathon. I combined two requests, kind of: Danny. Rusty. An elevator. And also Any two characters going to Starbucks on a coffee run for everyone else. Thanks to girlinthetrilby and mousapelli for looking it over.
Date: June 7, 2005

Collapse )

Feedback is adored.

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