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Take the House II: Master List of Stories

Here's the master list of stories for takethehouse II. I'll update as warranted.

amatia wrote Get Right for flyakate

chicklet_girl We'll Roll Down Interstate 94 wrote for laurificus

flyakate wrote Courage and Convictions for trakkie

laurificus wrote Swing on a Star for musesfool

laurificus wrote Selling Goodbye for storydivagirl

mousapelli wrote Liar Liar for lorax

sathinks wrote Three Plans Danny Didn't Make, and One Rusty Thought Would Work for _shades_

transtempts wrote Reworking Policy for amatia

restless_jedi wrote As Boring as an Ocean for sathinks

lorax wrote Heffolumps for transtempts

storydivagirl wrote Rules of the Trade for mousapelli

trakkie wrote for restless_jedi

musesfool wrote Your Daddy's Rich and Your Ma Is Good-looking for chicklet_girl


Again, if you're going to be late or you're bailing, let me know ASAP. Thanks.
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